Q: What’s New?

A: ShotStop Ballistic Multi-curve, Multi-hit, Stand-Alone NIJ Level III (NIJ 0101.06 compliant) ballistic plates!


Q:  Is the new Low-Visibility BALCS Vests (LVBV) and Training Insert Panels be available in the GSA Advantage Catalog?

A:  Yes!  All Warrior Trail products have been approved by the US Government for sale in the GSA Advantage Catalog.  The LVBV and BALCS-compatible insert panels will be added to the catalog by the end of March 2015.

The Warrior Trail LVBV meets requirements for maximum concealability under conservative civilian attire or under service uniforms for military and law enforcement professionals. The Warrior Trail solution meets Ultra low Visibility Concealable Body Armor (ULV CBA) requirements for your Critical Safety Item (CSI) List.


Q:  Do plates come as a pair or individually?

A:  Both.  When adding to your cart select individual plates or pairs of plates.


Q:  Does Warrior Trail ship internationally?

A:  Yes. Effective 18 March 2013, we ship non-ballistic training body armor products to overseas locations. We reserve the right to deny overseas shipments to certain locations or persons, see our Compliance page, under Intel, for more info.

Ballistic Body Armor products are restricted to authorized US Citizens and cannot be shipped out side the United States.


Q:  Do you ship to APO’s?

A:  Yes.


Q:  How does Warrior Trail handle government orders?

A:  US Federal, State, and Local government agencies and entities can now order Warrior Trail products from the GSA Advantage Online Shopping E-Store. We are listed in the US Government’s System for Award Management (SAM) and can sell to the US Government. Contact us for more details.

GSA Advantage!


Q: Do you offer tactical vests or plate carriers?

A: Yes. We have designed a new Body Armor/Load Carriage System (BALCS) plate carrier for training. The BALCS-style tactical vest carries ESAPI front and back plates.  There is a cummerbund option included for side torso ESBI plates. The vest is designed to accommodate the new BALCS-style flexible insert panels. It is made with top quality materials in the USA by highly skilled craftsmen. The vest is available now in black, coyote tan, and plans are to offer the vest in Multicam.

Warrior Trail also offers a new Active Shooter Response Vest for Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Military security forces.

Follow the Warrior Trail FaceBook page for updates and photos of the new gear.

You can order the vest now at:  http://www.warriortrail.com/products-page/gear/vest/


Q: Will Warrior Trail  offer  BALCS-cut panel inserts for training?

A: Yes, we have designed prototypes of non-ballistic training BALCS insert panels. The training panels will be the same size, form, weight, thickness, and rigidity as actual BALCS ballistic panel inserts made from DuPont™ Kevlar®. Warrior Trail will then offer a complete training solution: ESAPI and ESBI Training Plates, BALCS Training Insert Panels, and BALCS-style training vests to carry the load. You will be able to purchase a complete non-ballistic training package, or order each of the components separately. These products are in production now.


Q: Anything else new?

A: Yes, we now offer velcro adhesive Warrior Trail patches, and bright orange “For Training Only” patches for vests that carry our Warrior Trail training  plates. We will continuously improve our products and innovate so warriors can ….

A. Wait, there’s more! Warrior Trail has designed a new Low-Visibility BALCS-style training vest that carries non-ballistic BALCS-style training insert panels. The perfect solution for Law Enforcement, EMT, Fire Fighters, Maritime Enforcement, and FLETC training academies.  Available in LAPD Blue in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium and Large. The Low-Visibility BALCS Vest is in production now. Call or write for details.

A. And there’s even more …. Warrior Trail offers new advanced technology ballistic body armor plates manufactured by ShotStop Ballistics LLC. These multi-curved life saving ballistic plates are stand-alone, multi-hit, Level III NIJ compliant, made with Duritium ® technology.