Warrior Trail is the only US manufacturer of non-ballistic training body armor plates and insert panel products that realistically replicate the size, weight, shape, form and rigidity of expensive ballistic body armor.

Warrior Trail training body armor products enable military and law enforcement professionals to “Train Like You Fight ®” at a fraction of the cost. Each non-ballistic Warrior Trail training insert product is manufactured in the United State and is patent protected by the USPTO.

Additionally, Warrior Trail non-ballistic training body armor products have been formally adjudicated as “not subject to ITAR restrictions” and are not included on the US Munitions List.  As such Warrior Trail non-ballistic training body armor are classified as Export Administrative Regulation (EAR) 99, no license required.

Warrior Trail non-ballistic training body armor products include Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) Plates, Enhanced SAPI (ESAPI) plates, Enhanced Side Ballistic Insert (ESBI) plates, and non-ballistic soft body insert panels in the US standard Body Armor Load Carriage System (BALCS)/SPEAR style pattern.

Warrior Trail non-ballistic training body armor products include:

  • 10x 12 SAPI Training Plates
  • ESAPI Training Plates, sizes Small, Medium, and Large
  • ESBI Training side torso plates, size 7×8
  • BALCS Soft Body Armor training inserts (front an back), sizes x-Small, Small, Medium, and Large.

Warrior Trail also manufactures rugged Outer Tactical Vests, Low Profile Vests, and Active Shooter Response Vests that are designed to accommodate the above training body armor or ballistic body armor. Each Warrior Trail Vest design is informed by active military and law enforcement experience. Vests are manufactured from rugged 1000 denier materials and heavy-duty MILSPEC stitching for years of service.

Each Warrior Trail non-ballistic training product is available for purchase on the website. State, Local, and Federal customers can purchase these products from the US Government  GSA Advantage online shopping catalogue.

Warrior Trail 10×12 Training Plate