New Ultra-Light Level IIIA Ballistic Insert Boards for Back Packs

Warrior Trail now offers multi-hit Ballistic Board Inserts suitable for Back Packs and Business Portfolio Cases. Inserts are designed to offer protection against handgun munitions up to .44 Magnum, and are easily concealed in Pack Packs, Brief Cases, Messenger Bags, and portfolios carriers. The Ballistic Board Inserts are manufactured by SoftStop Ballistics LLC and incorporate Patented Ultra-Light Weight Duritium™ Technology.

Watch the Test Video!

Each Ballistic Board Insert is compliant with NIJ-STD-0108.01

Ballistic Board Inserts are offered in two varieties, Soft and Rigid Armor.

Soft Ballistic Board Insert Description: Size: 10″ x 12″ x .26″ ;
Weight: 1.1 lbs; Cost: $110.00 each

11 x 14 x .26 Cost: $120.00

Rigid Ballistic Board Insert Description: Size: 10″ x 13″ x .26″ ;
Weight 1.3 lbs; Cost: $110.00 each

11 x 14 x .26 Cost: $120.00



ShotStop Range Demonstration

The folks at Tactical Defense Training went to the range with a ShotStop NIJ 0101.06 compliant Level III+ plate.

Approximately 50 rounds later the plate had still not failed.

Rounds included 7.62×51 147gr FMJ milspec, 7.62×51 168gr Black Hills BTHP,  5.56mm 55gr FMJ milspec, 5.56mm 55gr PSP Winchester Ranger followed by 30 rounds 9mm 115gr FMJ, and 124gr JHP (mixed mag 15 of each fired on full auto from MP5).

Watch the video. Seeing is believing.

New Ultra-Light Ballistic Body Armor Available Now!



Duritium® enables lighter, stronger, lower cost lifesaving body armor to reach the consumer, law enforcement, and defense markets. These ultra-light plates have a positive buoyancy with an aerial density of 2.7 psf. They float!

These StopStop stand alone, multi-curve, multi-hit ballistic plates are now available through Warrior Trail Consulting LLC.


Warrior Trail Now Selling Advanced Lightweight Ballistic Body Armor

As geo-political uncertainty, violent crime, and terrorist incidents increase, Warrior Trail researched new and advanced ballistic body armor technologies that could enhance protection and personal safety for our customers at affordable prices.

During this process, we located an innovative company with advanced technologies to provide disruptive ballistic protection solutions that are lighter, more affordable, and more versatile than currently available body armor technologies including aramids, ceramics, and metals.

Warrior Trail will soon begin distributing ballistic body armor plates made by ShotStop LLC using the patented material technologies and designs of Duritium® Technology.

The ShotStop ballistic plates are multi-curved, ultra-light weight, and lab-certified to meet or exceed protection standards set forth by National Institute of Justice Level III (NIJ 0101.06). These stand-alone rifle plates are neutral buoyant, affordable, and made in America.


ShotStop Ballistics, LLC is located in Ohio. Since 1984, ShotStop’s parent company’s engineering wing has provided solutions to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses facing product development challenges in their quest to expand their product offerings.

Duritium® advanced ballistics technology provides a substantive advantage that requires less material to meet or exceed all certified ballistics tests while maintaining compliance with NIJ 0101.06 standards. This advantage leads to lower material aerial densities, lower costs, and higher higher ballistic protection levels.

With its patented technologies, ShotStop provides advanced armor solutions that are stronger, lower weight and lower cost. Patents: US9,180,623 & Pat. Pending.

Available Now!.




“The Six” … a new History Channel dramatic series about the US Navy’s famed SEAL Team Six Premiered on 18 January 2017

“The Six,” a new dramatic series filmed in Wilmington, NC about the lives, training, and military exploits of SEAL Team Six recently completed its first season.

So what’s the Warrior Trail connection?

The military technical advisors for “The Six” demand realism and authenticity. They chose Warrior Trail non-ballistic training body armor ESAPI plates for that role.

So when you see the SEALS in action while watching the series, think Warrior Trail.

“The Six”  premiered on 18 January on the History Channel. Season One is complete, but you can catch up by watching History Channel on line.


And the great news is that there will be a second season!

“Train Like You Fight ®”

Warrior Trail's photo.

Warrior Trail Supports The Thin Blue Line

Warrior Trail Consulting proudly supports the “Thin Blue Line” and believes Blue Lives Matter.

Warrior Trail Selected as Top Simulation & Training Company by Military Training Technology Magazine


Warrior Trail Consulting LLC  was selected for Military Training Technology’s 2015 Top Simulation & Training Companies list.

The Military Training Technology (MT2) Top Simulation & Training Company List features companies from around the world that have made significant impacts on the military training and simulation industries across a vast array of technologies. The List of Top Simulation and Training Companies were selected because each provides products and services that allow U.S. airmen, Marines, sailors, soldiers, and Coast Guardsmen train and rehearse for missions in theater, or to prepare for deployment at home stations. View the list of the 2015 Top Companies here:

The listing of featured companies have been  published in the Military Training and Technology (MT2) Magazines’s September 2015 Issue (20.5). MT2 is the America’s longest established and leading magazine for news and expert discussion about all aspects of military training and simulation.

Link to the Military Training and Technology September issue.

View Warrior Trail company’s award profile here: Warrior Trail Top Company Profile.


US Coast Guard MLEA adopts LVBC vest

Warrior Trail is pleased to announce that the US Coast Guard’s Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (MLEA)  has adopted our Low-Visibility BALCS Carrier (LVBC) vest and non-ballistic training insert kits to train students at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Charleston, SC. The MLEA selected the Warrior Trail training kits to provide students with realistic operational training. The Body Armor Load Carriage System (BALCS) style vest and training inserts provides the MLEA at the Charleston FLETC with a standard DOD-designed body armor solution that can be be supported anywhere in CONUS and around the world. The Low-visibility BALCS-style vest comes in four standard sizes (Large, Medium, Small, and X-Small) is ideal for all law enforcement and First Responders anywhere in CONUS and overseas. See our 8 August post below for more information.