Veterans Day 2013 – We Salute All Service Members

We salute all US Service members, past and present on Veterans Day 2013! Without the selfless sacrifices by you and your families, America would not enjoy freedom and liberty.

2013 Modern Day Marine at Quantico, VA

Warrior Trail training body armor products are on display at this must-attend annual exhibition for the United States Marine Corps. Drop by to meet the team and check out our newest addition to the product line … BALCS-style tactical vests and inserts. Warrior Trail now has the complete solution for your training requirements: One-stop shopping for ESAPI plates, flexible inserts for IBA vests, and the new BALCS-style tactical vest with inserts and cummerbund. Remember to “Train Like You Fight  ® … At a fraction of the cost.”Visit us at Booth 3327.

You’ll be glad you did!