The Warrior Trail Advantage

Warrior Trail’s patent protected non-ballistic training body armor inserts are made from rugged and resilient polyvinylchloride (PVC). The manufacturing process allows our non-ballistic training SAPI, E-SAPI, ESBI plates, and soft body armor insert panels to replicate the exact size, shape, form, weight, and rigidity of your operational armor. Rubbery foam substitutes need not apply.

Warrior Trail training  plates are completely compatible with Interceptor Body Armor (IBA) style Outer Tactical Vest (OTV and IOTV) designs, as well as Body Armor Load Carrying System (BALCS) -style  vests and other plate carrier designs. Training insert panels are compatible with all BALCS style vests. XSAPI and XSBI training plates will be available when the transition takes place.

Now Distributing industry leading Ballistic Body Armor Plates manufactured by ShotStop LLC. Available only in the USA.

Keep Your Costs Low

Warrior Trail training body armor is NOT expensive. Procurement costs are low. Our training body armor generally costs about one-tenth that of operational ballistic armor. Operations and Maintenance costs are low. But, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Ballistic Body Armor Plates keeps rising after purchase. Consider the additional costs required to transport, store, test and certify, and repair the plates after rugged use. And then there are the final destruction costs required to “de-mil” ballistic plates to prevent unauthorized or unlawful use. Warrior Trail training body armor just keeps working and never requires repair, certification, or costly inventory and storage controls. Large organizations can literally save millions of dollars by using Warrior Trail non-ballistic training body armor while preserving and maintaining  their operational armor.

Avoid Expensive Maintenance, Accountability, and Security Procedures

Warrior Trail training body armor allows you to “Train Like You Fight ®” while keeping your ballistic armor ready for the fight. Keep your TCO low. No need for complicated Non-Destructive Test Equipment (NDTE). No sensitive item inventories required to prevent unauthorized or criminal use.

• Avoid costly Sonograms, MRIs, Digital X-rays, or technical inspections to detect cracks, damage, or deterioration.
• No requirement for costly inventory controls or re-certification.
• No repair costs … training body armor doesn’t break! Perfect for rugged fitness training and challenge competitions.
• No destruction requirements. Warrior Trail training body armor can be easily recycled and re-manufactured.

Perfect for All Training Regimens

Always Train to Standard.

Warrior Trail training body armor is the ideal solution for Military Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training, Reserve Officer Training (ROTC) at colleges and universities, Military Academies (West Point), National Guard units, as well as SWAT, Police and Sheriff, and Law Enforcement  Training academies.

Use Warrior Trail training body armor for all physical training including tactical drills, calisthenics, obstacle course training, airborne training, drown-proofing training, range training, land navigation, Simulation and shoot house training. Ideal for Special Operations Command (SOCOM) unit training and rehearsals, including Jungle Warfare and Maritime training regimes. Also, the perfect solution for the AirSoft, MILSIM, and TACSIM training communities. Use Warrior Trail training body armor to keep you operationally ready and while providing huge budget savings.

Easily Cleaned and Sanitized for Re-issue

Warrior Trail training body armor is hygienic. It can be washed with soap and water (or power-washed) after rigorous use and re-issued again and again without worry of contamination from water, dirt, mud, fuels, or bodily fluids.

Beware of Imitations!

Some competitors actually make training body armor from flexible energy absorbing foam products. Others spray or dip damaged or salvaged ballistic materials with rubber or plastic coatings. But, if you are  a serious professional and you must “Train Like You Fight ®,” Warrior Trail is your first choice in training body armor solutions. Warrior Trail products are in production and in used by serious professionals now. Warrior Trail non-balistic training SAPI and ESAPI plates and soft body armor insert products are Patented by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and made in the USA.

Now Distributing Industry Leading Ballistic Body Armor Plates Manufactured by ShotStop

Many of our customers asked us if Warrior Trail would finally offer an affordable ballistic body armor plate. We have partnered with an advanced US technology company to bring their ballistic plates to market. ShotStop LLC has developed a new ultra-light polyethylene product called Duritium ® that is stronger, lighter, and more affordable. Using Duritium ®, ShotStop’s ballistic body armor plates have one of the lowest areal densities on the market. ShotStop plates provide multi-hit stand-alone ballistic protection that is NIJ Level III (0101.06) compliant. These lightweight plates are covered with a durable polyurea coating for ruggedness and they have positive buoyancy. The ideal solution for all law enforcement and maritime operations.

Warrior Trail distributes and sells these ShotStop ballistic and kits them with our new Active Shooter Response plate carrier to provide on an affordable industry leading Active Shooter Response Kit.

All ShotStop products are manufactured in the USA and are available for sale and purchase only in the US.