We have manufactured training body armor since 2008. Thousands of our plates and insert panels are in use by military and law enforcement professionals around the world. If you are not training with Warrior Trail gear, are you really ready to fight? Our customers are enthusiastic about the level of service and quality of these training products. They appreciate that training plates cannot be mistaken for ballistic body armor, yet our gear enables you to “Train Like You Fight®” …… at a fraction of the cost.

Reviews and comments from the experts……

“Plan and train for the worst, but hope for the best. I have had a set of the Warrior Trail ESAPI Training Plates in my workout kit for a few years now and they have yet to give me any issues ……. To date I’ve gotten soaked in them, gotten cold in them, and got them more than covered in sweat with zero issues. So if you was to train like you fight, head over to Warrior trail and get yourself some …. Don’t take a chance, you have a lot of money invested in hard body armor ceramic plates, spend a little money now, for some training plates.”

Logan Rogue ….. Soldier, Avid Adventurer, Outdoorsman.

Logan Rogue’s Review at  Motusworld.com:

Link to Warrior Trail Product Review: http://motusworld.com/2016/02/review-warrior-trail-esapi-training-plates/

“Don’t take a chance, you have a lot of money invested in hard body armor ceramic plates, spend a little money now, for some training plates.”

Pat Cascio’s Review at Survivalblog

Link to the Warrior Trail Product Review: http://survivalblog.com//?s=warrior+trail


“I have ran, crawled, jumped and smashed into the ground with these plates during training and on o-courses. They are, in my opnion, a great alternative to actual, more expensive, plates.”  ……. Red Team Journal; August 2013.

Link to Review:     http://redteams.net/gear/2013/warrior-trail


I just received the training plates and already the difference is night and day with how the rest of my kit sits on my body and even how I have to hold my rifle which was something I never even considered. Definitely an eye opener and at the same time extremely frustrating that we don’t train like this from day one, it feels like I will have to relearn everything now with the plates, but better now then in the few months during pre-deployment work up.

– Rick


“I can attest to the tremendous benefit your training sapi plates provided me during a very intense Advanced SWAT class instructed by former Dallas PD SWAT Officer Steve Claggett. Your plates endured the constant abuse of being smashed, dropped, and shot repeatedly with simunition ammunition from AR15, Beretta 92FS, and Glock simunition variant weapons. I highly recommend your very affordable training sapi plates to any military/law enforcement operator for intense training with realistic weight and balance. Thank you again for your support and awesome customer service! Please feel free to use any or all of this to your advertisement needs.”

– Cheers, Officer Art Poore


I recently purchased a pair of Medium ESAPIs. I have posted a review that you all are more than welcome to add to your Testimonial page. My reviews are a bit unique from your standard Gear Reviews…… Feel free to look around as well.

Link to Review:


Thanks for offering a quality product, and for the excellent customer service you provided.

– Regards, Kevin Byrd