Precision Engineering for Precision Training

Warrior Trail LLC partners with Omega Plastics LLC, a nationally recognized thermoplastics engineering and manufacturing company to produce state-of-the-art designs and prototypes to meet for all of your training body armor requirements. Complete in-house die and tooling shop resources reduce your profile development time and helps keep development and production costs low.

This partnership has allowed Warrior Trail to produce exact replicas of Small Protective Insert (SAPI), Enhanced SAPI (E-SAPI) and Enhanced Side Ballistic Insert (ESBI) side torso plates that match the size, form, shape, weight, and rigidness of IBA Style ballistic armor plates used by US Military and law enforcement organizations. When inserted into the Outer Tactical Vest or plate carriers, the rugged training plates allow operational forces to train as they fight without damaging operational plates. Our training plates last indefinitely and generally cost less than 10% of expensive and fragile ballistic plates.

We have successfully used these engineering processes to manufacture and deliver thousands of non-ballistic training plates as well as flexible non-ballistic soft body armor insert panels that replace ballistic Kevlar panel inserts for the most commonly issued US Military Outer Tactical Vest design, including new BALCS designs.  All products are protected by a US Patent.

Warrior Trail provides full service engineering services that can quickly prototype and replicate any ballistic body armor plate design, to include making heavier X-Threat Small Arms Protective Inserts  (X-SAPI) training plates, and X-Side Ballistic Insert (XSBI) training plates. These services allow the customer to choose colors, textures, and modifications to optimize the training experience.