Warrior Trail Now Selling Advanced Lightweight Ballistic Body Armor

As geo-political uncertainty, violent crime, and terrorist incidents increase, Warrior Trail researched new and advanced ballistic body armor technologies that could enhance protection and personal safety for our customers at affordable prices.

During this process, we located an innovative company with advanced technologies to provide disruptive ballistic protection solutions that are lighter, more affordable, and more versatile than currently available body armor technologies including aramids, ceramics, and metals.

Warrior Trail will soon begin distributing ballistic body armor plates made by ShotStop LLC using the patented material technologies and designs of Duritium® Technology.

The ShotStop ballistic plates are multi-curved, ultra-light weight, and lab-certified to meet or exceed protection standards set forth by National Institute of Justice Level III (NIJ 0101.06). These stand-alone rifle plates are neutral buoyant, affordable, and made in America.


ShotStop Ballistics, LLC is located in Ohio. Since 1984, ShotStop’s parent company’s engineering wing has provided solutions to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses facing product development challenges in their quest to expand their product offerings.

Duritium® advanced ballistics technology provides a substantive advantage that requires less material to meet or exceed all certified ballistics tests while maintaining compliance with NIJ 0101.06 standards. This advantage leads to lower material aerial densities, lower costs, and higher higher ballistic protection levels.

With its patented technologies, ShotStop provides advanced armor solutions that are stronger, lower weight and lower cost. Patents: US9,180,623 & Pat. Pending.

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