Warrior Trail Selected as Top Simulation & Training Company by Military Training Technology Magazine

Warrior Trail Consulting LLC was selected for Military Training Technology Magazine’s 2015 Top Simulation & Training Companies list.

The list features companies from around the world that have made a significant impact on military training and simulation industries across a vast array of technologies.

Warrior Exhibit with ShotStop Ballistics LLC at 2017 IACP Conference in Philadelphia

Warrior Trail joined ShotStop Ballistics LLC at the 2017 IACP Exhibition in Philadelphia 21-24 October.

Thanks to the hundreds of visitors who visited the StopStop Booth to see our Non-Ballistic Training Plates, innovative Vest and Plate Carriers, and advanced technology ultra-light ShotStop Ballistic Plates. ShotStop body armor plates and ballistic protective materials use patented Duritium ™ technology to provide the lightest NIJ certified Level III (0101.06) available on the market.

Warrior Trail and ShotStop at 2017 IACP Exhibition

Warrior Trail will join ShotStop at the 2017 IACP Exhibition in Philadelphia 21-24 October.

See our Non-Ballistic Training Plates, innovative Vests and Plate Carriers, and advanced technology ultra-light ShotStop Ballistic Plates. Register to win a WarriorTrail Active Shooter Response Kit, including plate carrier and ShotStop Ballistic plates.

ShotStop Range Demonstration

Often a video is worth 100,000 words.

The ShotStop NIJ 0101.06 Level III+ ballistic plate takes incredible abuse. Over 50 rounds and not one penetration!

Seeing is believing: Tap the Image to view the video.

Warrior Trail Now Selling Advanced Lightweight Ballistic Body Armor

As geo-political uncertainty, violent crime, and terrorist incidents increase, Warrior Trail now sells advanced life-saving ballistic body armor plates made by ShotStop LLC.

These new Ultra-lightweight stand-alone rifle plates provide NIJ 0101.06 compliant LEVEL III protection. Made from ShotStop’s patented Duritium® Technology. All plates are US Made, rugged, lighter (neutral buoyant), stronger, lower aerial density, and lower cost than any other comparable plates.

US sales only.

Available Now!

“The Six” … a new History Channel dramatic series about the US Navy’s famed SEAL Team Six Premiered on 18 January 2017

“The Six, ” a new dramatic series filmed in Wilmington, NC about the lives, training, and military exploits of SEAL Team Six recently completed its action-packed first season. If you missed it, you can still catch up on the History Channel by watching all 8 episodes on-line.

The Warrior Trail connection? Realism …. “The Six” uses Warrior Trail training body armor plates in all the action scenes…”Train Like You Fight ®”

News Flash! The History Channel just announced there will be a SECOND SEASON!! Stay tuned for more great dramatic action.